Michael Bogman Guierrhajre

Michael Bogman Guierrhajre

A top-notch pilot but very cold-blooded and bears the nickname Cold Tower. He has achieved great results in battle with calm and daring judgement. Judging from his outward appearance, he looks highly sensitive with lean looks, making him hard to approach. Because of this, he is a bit of a loner. In fact, he does not talk much and when he talks, it comes with high persuasive power, so his comrades avoid but also trust him. He does have a sense of humour, but most find hard to grasp, which doesn't really bother him. He also possesses high class combat programming skills. He used to be a lover of Cristine Yeena Schumaiihel of the same unit but they broke up due to character differences. Recently, love rose again between them. Unlike his looks, he has a simple and non flexible brain which makes him an object of ridicule from time to time. These character traits and thoughts make him stay at BCU, as he does not want to immerse himself in a new group. Later, he becomes an AirRivals pilot of Aerial Cry.

Character Info

  • Race: Deca
  • Age: 29
  • Rank: Sergeant First Class
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg

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