Cristine Yeena Schumaiihel

Cristine Yeena Schumaiihel

She stayed out of school as a junior student, though she was a trade department student of the worlds best university, Aribe arcademy. The reason for this was that she is the eldest daughter of the prominent and influential Schumaiihel family from which many famous pilots originated. She joined the Airforce with her parents solicitation. After her successful flight training at the age of 20, she joined the Airforce - but very quickly got disgusted of its command system and discharged herself. As she had the highest flight distance versus sortie ratio and kill ratio than any other female pilot, she is much sought after. With her cheerful characteristics she is well loved by most who meet her. This has earned earned her many friends, especially of the opposite sex, but she herself does not think of them as boyfriends. But even Yeena has one person that she loves, and that's Michael Bogman Guierrhajre. When the war started to make real headway she joined Etranger Chevalier of the ANI under the influence of her family. It still remains to be seen what her reaction will be when she meets her lover Michael on the battlefield.

Character Info

  • Race: Deca
  • Age: 22
  • Rank: Staff Sergeant
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg

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